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Deep Web Links

What is a deep web?

Note: If you know what is the deep web links then you can directly go to the links given below to surf the deep web.

Almost all people in this generation know what is deep web or dark web. If you don’t know what is deep web or dark web then you might born before 1990.

What is a deep web

Everyone needs to stay anonymous on the internet. If you prefer to stay anonymous then the deep web is the place for you.

Forget about the horror stories you heard about the deep web. The Deep web is the place where you can stay anonymous and maintain your anonymity forever.

I will say an example here, every time you take a photo on your phone your location is saved in the image file’s metadata. Also, I add that whenever you buy a robotic vacuum cleaner you give the company permission to measure the size of your home and sell that data to third parties.

Now your anonymity becomes a question mark. I can say many examples like this where you can lose your anonymity on the internet.

The deep web is the place where your anonymity is guaranteed. I know some of the people reading this article prefer to be anonymous on the internet.

For those, I will suggest a special browser called The Onion Router(TOR) or the TOR browser.

How to download or use the TOR Browser?

The domains of the deep web end with a special extension “.onion” unlike .com, .org, .net, etc., To access the domains that end with .onion we need a special browser called The TOR browser. You can download the TOR browser at

If you have any doubts regarding how to download and install the tor browser you can see our exclusive article.

How to download or use the TOR Browser

How to access the deep web safely?

Now we have downloaded the TOR browser to surf the deep web. Tor browser guarantee’s your safety. If you need to add more safety then you can install a VPN.

VPN guarantee your safety and protects you from trojan’s and virus and it will ensure double protection for you and your computer system.

There are many premium VPNs available on the internet, don’t go for free VPN’s only buy premium VPNs that have received more than 4.5 stars.

Now, we have the TOR browser and VPN to access the deep web let’s go for the links.

How to access the deep web safely

Deep web links 2023  

Deep web marketplace links 

The following marketplace links are the top markets in the deep web.

http://blackma333zetynnrblc7uidfp2tewhtwpojxxvmty3n4cdsc7iyukad.onion/ – Blackmart – One of the best deep web markets with a high-class payment system. Blackmart accepts bitcoin as payment. It has more number of vendors with almost 5 stars for every vendor. They sell credit cards, debit cards, cloned cards, PayPal, western union, etc., It dispatches products the same day after the payment is received successfully. Blacmart enabled the wallet option where users can add bitcoins to their wallets and withdraw whenever they needed. Blackmart has a security feature that if the product was not delivered by the vendor then the payment is returned to the customer it adds security to your payment. The market has received the best customer support stars, almost all queries are replied within 4 hours.

http://cardzilevs4j4nj6uswfwf35oxnp64yrrtazjgap2w3vgoz2pwkp6sqd.onion/ – Cardzilla – If you have an idea of buying credit cards or money transfer then best buy cards is the place for you. They are mostly known for their credit card quality they make. They accept bitcoins as their payment. They are top-rated in the forums of the deep web. They are professionals with the best experience in making quality credit cards. They also have transfers like PayPal and western union which will be transferred within minutes after the payment confirmation. Since the cards are easy to transfer via international shipping methods they transfer the cards to all countries and their credit cards can be used in every country for online purchase and to withdraw cash.

http://million5utxgrxru4rqmjwn7jji6bf44jkdqn3xyav6md5ebwy5l2ryd.onion – 21million club – 21 million club is one of the reputed market where one can buy and sell bitcoins. They accept payment through bitcoin. 21million club is run through some bitcoin professionals where they hack the bitcoin wallets around the world and they sell them. Before they sell the wallets to you the bitcoins are well mixed with a bitcoin mixer so it becomes untraceable. Security guaranteed. Wallet’s login details are given within 5 min after the payment is confirmed.

http://caribcc5jik7maeqfit7h34af7ntatggbmlfhyxjnqnrhij7gjt5vtid.onion/ – Caribbean Cards

Search Engine Deep Web Links 

http://oniondxjxs2mzjkbz7ldlflenh6huksestjsisc3usxht3wqgk6a62yd.onion/ – Onion Index Search engine – One of the most popular dark web search engines. The Onion Index search engine provides only results for onion websites. One can submit their website on Onionland to get indexed.

http://duckduckgogg42xjoc72x3sjasowoarfbgcmvfimaftt6twagswzczad.onion/ – DuckDuckgo – DuckDuckGo is a popular search engine in clearnet. DuckDuckGo also provides services on the deep web but the results will not be .onion links. The results will be .com or clearnet links. It just has a .onion domain name.

Search Engine Deep Web Links 

http://xmh57jrknzkhv6y3ls3ubitzfqnkrwxhopf5aygthi7d6rplyvk3noyd.onion/ – Torch – The torch search engine is known to be one of the oldest search engines of the deep web. While analyzing the torch search engine we found that the search engine does not provide results how a search engine should provide rather the search results are made manual by getting paid by the advertisers. As per our view torch is a scamming search engine that does not provide any search results rather it indexes the advertiser’s site.[scam]

http://juhanurmihxlp77nkq76byazcldy2hlmovfu2epvl5ankdibsot4csyd.onion/ – Ahmia – Search engines in the deep web does not work like the search engines in the clear web. In a clear web, the search engine collects the data of websites through an AI and it indexes with many factors including its domain name, keywords, SEO, etc., But in the deep web, the search results are indexed by the advertisers who pay them. They do not index by the AI or SEO or any other factors. I won’t call them search engines rather they are known as a collection of databases where we get results according to the keywords that we give.[scam]

http://grams7enqfy4nieo.onion/ – Grams Search Engine – Here comes another scammer. Grams will show you nothing rather than ads when you search a query. Don’t fall prey to these fake search engines. Stay away from the deep web search engines.[scam]

News/blog deep web links 

News blog deep web links 

http://7rmath4ro2of2a42.onion – SoylentNews – SoylentNews is a news website where current news is being posted. Here one can create an account and able to send them an article of their choice. If the article is worth reading then it will be posted with their name as the author.

http://writeas7pm7rcdqg.onion/ – Write As – Write as is one of the blog companies that enables users to write their blog and post there. It works like It also has a website in clear web “”. One can write the blog for free and also they have a pro version where it has more options.

http://74ypjqjwf6oejmax.onion/ – Beneath VT – This site has a quote “Exploring Virginia Tech’s steam tunnels and beyond”. This site gives information about the tunnels of Virginia tech. I don’t understand why the admin of the site has leaked the information of Virginia tech tunnels. If anyone reading here knows why then comment below.

http://mh7mkfvezts5j6yu.onion/ – Bluish Coder – The author of the site looks like a programmer. It looks like he has developed a programming language and giving tutorials about it. He has been active since 2005. I warn people to not visit or use any of the tools he suggests because you should not trust anyone on the deep web.

Deep web forum links

http://thehubmcwyzwijjoqvdtpmu36npcueypjbgnvbqz4jliwjmmnpfkzkqd.onion/ – The hub – The hub is a forum site on the deep web mostly the topics are related to hacking, gadgets, etc., But I recommend you to stay away from the site because they seem to be a scammer.

suprbayoubiexnmp.onion – Suprbay forum is a pirate bay forum. This forum is available on the clear web as On my view, this site has been developed by many technical knowledge guys. My opinion is to use this site only for educational purposes. Don’t expose yourself on the darknet forums. Have a look at the site as to how it works but involve or fall in love with this kind of site.

http://tedditfyn6idalzso5wam5qd3kdtxoljjhbrbbx34q2xkcisvshuytad.onion/ – Incogsnoo

thehubrysnv5i7mlaitavqjosqgcnbaimk2c4hesgamno7boyvxxokid.onion – The HUB – Inactive

ezdhgsy2aw7zg54z6dqsutrduhl22moami5zv2zt6urr6vub7gs6wfad.onion – DEFCON

Hosting Deep web links

http://anarplexqtbch57j.onion/ – provides darknet hosting services. They have clearly stated in their services area that they do not accept new clients due to current overload. You can see in their services area. So I say that don’t pay to any person stating himself as If so you will lose your money. They also have a page for the forum but it seems to be empty. – Impreza hosting – Impreza offers cloud servers, VPS servers, Dedicated servers, offshore servers. The plans are so cheap and it is easy to configure the servers. They are providing the best customer support for their customers. A well-known hosting provider for .onion websites.

There are only very few hosting providers that provide service for hosting .onion sites. Don’t fall prey for fake hosting providers.

Scammers in the deep web

http://heinekav73mhmzxj6uia3c4zwvgiep3f6f3nqdimlo37zki576zmnhqd.onion/ – Heineken Market – SCAM

http://vicecixgbpdxtzodmg4kifgekzv7pmqdjtwznalvnlpi4h4niqce3byd.onion/ – VICE City Market – SCAM

http://worldmpls3c2idbjzzdmbs4wt4dfqfjavptjos4se444uk5v23q2wbyd.onion/ – World Market – SCAM

http://pqqmr3dlfkyr3lccg2j7hl4pxqkpjq6iwaryuiezrrio3xm4cif4zyyd.onion/ – VERSUS Market – SCAM


http://cannahcabm5x6latsq4x2puxhfq2g4ip3ook3s6vkx67ewpsov6uhpyd.onion/ – Cannahome – SCAM 

http://4pt4axt3wawp452hslszdwu7lvxw6r4g5alf3qndtjfaicnk5c6sn2ad.onion/ – ARCHETYP – SCAM

http://sn2sfd3n3rwz43pvp7cbnc6iphwaluz2v4padvilfjeb7mrsxaj34vyd.onion/ – ARES market – SCAM

http://ka3ds43g3wfltjn4.onion/ – Shitty (SCAM) – Shitty received a lot of scam reports in the deep web forums. We recommend you to not buy any product from this site. No products will be delivered. You will lose your money here.

http://yxuy5oau7nugw4kpb4lclrqdbixp3wvc4iuiad23ebyp2q3gx7rtrgqd.onion/ – Torrez Market(SCAM) – Torrrez market is famous on the deep web in recent times. Torrez market pays to forums, websites that write a review on them to remove the negative comment on them. So that it will look like the market is genuine. These guys are complete scammer kindly stay away from this market.

http://xb635ncim63dlahg.onion/ – CardZone(SCAM) – Cardzone is another scammer in the deep web. Only the site looks professional. Once you pay the payment is lost forever. Be careful. Stay away from the market.

http://vendorchmctlzu6pb54ioz3spmwddcjxynfoayhcicriq5ddtxjdsdid.onion/ – Vendor-C(SCAM) – This site has very bad reviews on Reddit and the deep web forum. Yet another scammer in the deep web.

57d5j6hfzfpsfev6c7f5ltney5xahudevvttfmw4lrtkt42iqdrkxmqd.onion – DarkFox market(SCAM) – In recent days we have seen a lot of queries flowing in the deep web forums where almost 100 out of 100 people reported the market as a scam. Soon they will exit the deep web committing a large scam

rpd25x73bfc57j5b6c7u4y5pfbyxdi2qtnwl2a4jorqsnah4ug2z5iqd.onion – Royal Market(SCAM) – I kindly suggest the users to never visit this site. One of the biggest scammer of all time. Don’t believe this market else you will regret it later.

http://aurora7t7en7racqbytspft6myxds25hnczjk56tvqev2bziir74t4yd.onion/ – Aurora Market(SCAM) – After making a lot of research on the deep web we found that the Aurora market is a scam. Don’t contact them via email or anywhere. If you are ready to lose your money then you can visit this site.

Other scammer sites that you should never visit on the deep web :

When we list these sites under scams you should never visit these sites even. You can visit the sites that are not under the tag scam only for educational purposes.

SCAM sites no need any explanation. We list these sites because only to let you know these sites are scams. We made massive research on each site and listing it here, if you have any doubts or need proof you can contact us further for clarification only.

7zyl6ityktmfp5y2ilsb5dfnubkmoj3pqgvrqlayj4ogwjucn6xluwyd.onion – Gladiator Maket – SCAM

n4kq7b3eguym4kf75g5msumwgh3ydeikxeh3r5ywcjmnlgryt5qd4nyd.onion – DeepSea market – SCAM

http://darkoddrkj3gqz7ke7nyjfkh7o72hlvr44uz5zl2xrapna4tribuorqd.onion – Darkode – SCAM

6bcecdo7ldzkudt6dnsuljqoyhgme4afsnytarre5nucjhgzmrn4txad.onion – Darkweb hacker zone – SCAM

http://samsaraccrn2jmin.onion/ – Samsara Market – SCAM

berlusconifsfwkp.onion – Berlusconi Market – SCAM

nightmareocykhgs.onion – Nightmare Market – SCAM

mgybzfrldjn5drzv537skh7kgwgbq45dwha67r4elda4vl7m6qul5xqd.onion – Cartel Marketplace – SCAM

p2wasopjcodzszfm.onion – House of cards – SCAM

asap2u4pvplnkzl7ecle45wajojnftja45wvovl3jrvhangeyq67ziid.onion – ASAP market – SCAM

ccguruetr5jwye5g.onion – CCguru – SCAM

pdf6uqyd4nxmghgw.onion – DeepDeal – SCAM

cindico54aqocrj7zzp5r5wiole6zkiiykyws6ou53o4vs5ehblsrsid.onion – Cindicator – SCAM

canadahq2lo3logs.onion – CanadaHQ – SCAM

eqnbwy4b4k4lrlq5.onion – Card Validator – SCAM

2b4z3y7fq45kafqy4ygweaz5k4culbbwj6nwfvgdutltlxelurxhd6yd.onion – Revolution Market – SCAM

auzbdiguv5qtp37xoma3n4xfch62duxtdiu4cfrrwbxgckipd4aktxid.onion – WhiteHouse market – SCAM

vice2e3gr3pmaikukidllstulxvkb7a247gkguihzvyk3gqwdpolqead.onion – ViceCity – SCAM

trustedb3yde3prf.onion – Trusted Market – SCAM

bluemagicjon2l32.onion – BlueMagic – SCAM

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